What is a book whisperer?

Writing is hard.

Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t tried it, or doesn’t do it very well.

I don’t promise to help you find your ‘inner voice’ or give meaningless flattery. Instead, I will offer you friendly but rigorous advice to get your good idea into the great narrative shape it deserves.

There are three levels to the services I offer. Clients often move between them as their project evolves.

  1. Identifying the genre and market for your book
  2. Establishing a story, a narrative arc or a structure for your book
  3. Editing at the chapter, paragraph or sentence level, to help you create elegant and compelling prose

Who can a book whisperer help?

My clients are typically aiming to write non-fiction for a general audience. They are often established creative practitioners or professionals in their own field, exploring writing as a new practice either for their own satisfaction, or to bring their ideas, knowledge and experience to a wider audience.

Other clients are engaged in academic writing, whether as established researchers or as students. I offer help in writing up dissertations, and in turning dissertations into published work, whether academic or popular, book-form or journal article.

My clients might be starting from scratch, or have hit a block in their writing, or sometimes simply need critical encouragement to get to the end of their project.