Praise for the book whisperer

I’ve never had anyone so deeply and strategically engage with a piece of research before. 

PhD-to-publication author

Charlotte is great at articulating what works in the writing, giving me the confidence to build upon those things.

Memoir writer

Your feedback throughout has been incredibly helpful.

Dissertation writer

Holy ****, you are the book whisperer!

Client amazed and delighted to have her ideas given narrative structure

Charlotte is an astute and careful reader who provided encouragement, critique and advice on my writing.

Writing client

In response to my work, she was able to see the different threads that I was struggling to put together coherently and suggested structural changes that made sense.

Non-fiction writer

Cannot recommend Charlotte enough. I would still be doodling about without her, rather than having a PhD.

Suceessful PhD student

Praise for Charlotte’s books

Nature on The Paper Zoo: “One of the top five illustrated books of the year.”

American Scientist on Six Legs Better: “Precise and witty.”

Times Literary Supplement on Six Legs Better: “Fascinating. . . . Provocative, complex.”

The Guardian on Literature and Science: “Erudite and eloquent.”

The Times on Ant: “Stylish . . . and informative.”

The Independent on Ant: “Impressive. . . . Illuminating.”